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Neurogenic Bladder
Characterized by the loss of normal bladder function caused by damage to part of the nervous system.
Neurogenic bladders affect people emotionally and physically. A person with a neurogenic bladder has lost normal bladder function, which is caused by damage to part of the central nervous system. Important messages are not sent to the brain (e.g. letting one know of a full bladder). As a result, the person experiences incontinence (the involuntary loss of bladder control) or orinary retention (inability to empty the bladder)-two primary symptoms of neuogenic bladders.
The bladder issue is common among individuals with spinal cord injuries, spina bifida and multiple sclerosis. People living with these conditions express fears of aging and painful dangerous complications. Bladder management programs can be invasive and a frequent reminder of one's lifelong condition.
To manage neurogenic bladders, individuals use the preferred method of intermittent catheterization, meaning they insert a clean or sterile catheter tube to connect with the bladder to release urine several times throughout the day. It is a controlled type of catherization, versus continous.
Neorgenic Bladder Facts:
People with neurogenic bladders-often intermittent catheter users-commonly have:
    -Spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis or spina bifida
    -Other conditions resulting in neurogenic bladders, including diabetes, stroke and cerebral palsy
                   1/4 of all stroke victims suffer from retention
Estimated number of people in U.S. with specific condition
    -Spinal Cord Injury: 250,000
    -Spina Bifida: 70,000
    -Multiple Sclerosis: 400,000
Consumers feel self-conscious and share concerns of
    -Painful Complications
    -Inadequate privacy and security
    -Urethral trauma
    -Urinary Tract Infection

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