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Here are some tips on selecting your diabetic shoe:
  • Your diabetic shoe should have a high and wide toe box to prevent chafing and pinching that can harm toes.
  • Your diabetic shoe should fit well. A diabetic shoe with adjustable closures-like Hook-and-Loop-often provide the best fit, since you can make the fit larger or smaller as needed.
  • Remember to do your shopping for a diabetic shoe in the afternoon. If you buy a diabetic shoe in the morning, and your feet sweel up-as most do- in the afternoon, then your diabetic show will feel too tight.
  • Your diabetic shoe should protect your feet
  • Diabetics are at a great risk of developing blisters, bleeding and lesions between toes, so your diabetic shoe should be extra protective.
  • A diabetic shoe that is "seamless" will also take into the fact that your feet are extra sensitive.
  • Your diabetic shoe should have conforming removable insoles to give you extra support. You want removable insoles in your diabetic shoe so you can take them in or out as needed if you want a particular fit.


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