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Posterior Tibial (Post-Tib) Tendonitis is an inflammation of the posterior tibial tendon. The posterior tibial tendon runs along the inside of the ankle and the foot and tilts the foot to the outside, or varus position. When there is posterior tibial tendon dysfunction, the tendon does not function to hold up the arch and help in the function of supination, resulting in a foot that becomes non-propulsive and sits in a valgus position.
If this condition is not taken care of over time it can lead to heel pain, arch pain, plantar fasciitis and/or heel spurs, as well as midfoot and forefoot compensatory breakdowns. With post-tib tendonitis, pain will be more severe upon weight bearing, especially while walking or running.

Post-Tib Tendonitis can occur with an overused muscle, and the tendon (soft tissue) that connects the muscle to your bone is strained. Years of over-pronation (flat feet) can also lead to posterior tibial tendon dysfunction. If you keep overusing the muscle, damage to the tendon builds up and tendonitis develops. At first the pain or swelling may come and go quickly, but eventually the problem may become more permanent.

 treat post-tib tendonitis, you can reduce your symptoms by limiting activity to control the pain and swelling. Stay off your feet a few days, then slowly increase your activity. Rest allows the tissues in your foot to heal. See a Doctor that specializes in feet for a diagnosis.

Conservative treatments (non-surgical treatments) include wearing a foot orthotic with rearfoot posting and medial longitudinal arch support, to reduce strain on the posterior tibial tendon reduce strain on the post tibial tendon prevent excessive stretching of the plantar fascia. The orthotic should also be designed with materials to comfort the foot and
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