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This layer may also be used to hold small, shaped foam pieces in place. These foam pieces protect indentations such as the inside of the elbow, front of the ankle, and back of the knee. They also protect prominences such as the outside of the elbow, front of the knee or back of the ankle.

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           The purpose of bandaging is to provide additional support to the tissues affected by lymphedema or swelling so that the muscle pumps can work more effectively.

             Bandages also aids in maintaining the reduction after fluid has been removed through MLD treatment.

                  Never use bandaging to “squeeze” the limb in an effort to remove fluid..                            

       Bandaging that is too tight causes a tourniquet effect that can further damage to already compromised lymph vessels.


Learn and follow the bandaging technique recommended by your therapist. Every detail is important, so pay close attention. If you have questions, ask for written instructions.

It is often desirable to have a family member also learn how to do the bandaging. You may need their help in applying the bandages properly. It also is a good idea to have your helper made a video of the therapist providing these instructions.


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