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A nasal cannula support device includes a generally L-shaped strut havign a long leg and a short leg. The long leg of the device generally conforms to the ridge pole of the nose and is in an angular relationship with the short leg, allowing the short leg to pass around and under the tip of a user's nose. In one embodiment, the short leg includes a curved portion that secures and positions the nasal delivery stubs of an oxygen delivery barrel within a user's nostrils. In other embodiments, a cup-like area of the strut, between the long and short leg, provides finger-like projections that provide similar retention and positioning of the delivery barrel and stubs.
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The strut may be secured to the user's nose by an adhesive backing, tape, or forming the device to conform, closely, to the user's external nasal contour. The cannula support device also includes delivery tube management means so as to eliminate the need for uncomfortable ear loops and further stabilize the nasal cannula within the user's nostrils. A nasal breating assistance device has a generally L-shaped strut having a long leg and a short leg and structure for securing the device to a user's nose. The nasal breathing assistance device leg is securable to a ridge pole of a user's nose in such a manner as to raise the shorten the tip of the user's nose resulting in an increase in diameter and decrease in length of the external nasal airway thereby facilitaing inspiratory and expiratory air flow.

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