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If your toes hurt or feel numb, you may be suffering with Mortonís Neuroma. Named for podiatrist T. G. Morton of Philadelphia, one of the first to develop a treatment for the condition, Mortonís Neuroma is an inflammation of the common digital nerve between adjacent toes on the bottom of the foot. If you have Mortonís Neuroma, you essentially have a pinched nerve between the toes resulting in an enlarged nerve. It is not a tumor or cancer as the name might suggest.

Mortonís Neuroma flares up when the nerves are "caught" by the strong metatarsal ligament that holds the nerves together in a compartment. The area between the third and fourth toes is particularly susceptible to Mortonís Neuroma because itís where two nerves in the foot meet. When the two nerves combine, they are typically larger in diameter than those going to the other toes. Above them is a metatarsal ligament that presses downward, which compresses the larger nerves, resulting in a pinched nerve.

The pinched sensation that characterizes Mortonís Neuroma pain is caused by:

  • Flat feet or feet that roll inward, causing the nerves to be pulled more than usual.
  • Narrow pointed dress shoes and high heels that shift weight onto the nerves of the balls of the feet and the toes.
  • Tight toe boxes in shoes that place pressure on the balls of the feet and the toes.
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