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Metatarsalgia is an intense pain in the ball of the foot, or alongside the long bones of the foot.
The metatarsal bones equally share the weight of a person during walking and daily activities. When this delicate balance between bones is disrupted, the result can be mild to intense foot pain. The term metatarsalgia refers to the number of problems people can experience in this area.
Metatarsalgia pain can be caused by many factors, from bone abnormalities to systemic conditions such as diabetes.
The most common cause is an imbalance in the long bones of the foot. These bones absorb the weight during walking, and if one of the bones is abnormally long or fractured from stress, it will cause a dysfunction among all of the bones.
Other causes:
-ill-fitting shoes that put pressure on the bones of the feet
-arthritis or any degenerative disease of the joints
-an enlarged metatarsal head
-calluses or skin lesions that cause the weight on the the foot to be unevenly distributed.
-Activities like sports that place tremendous pounding on the ball of the foot, like jogging.
a nerve like pain in the ball of the foot, most felt when walking or engaging in sports. Since the foot supports the body in all its activities, chronic pain in the ball of the foot impacts the ability to perform ordinary tasks. There might also be a discomfort felt when wearing shoes or socks.
To help alleviate the discomfort try using shoe inserts or insoles to help spread the weight more evenly across the entire bottom of the foot. Shoes and insoles also provide stability to prevent the abnormal collapsing of the arch. Some of the products below can help with this condition. But if more support and cushioning doesn't help alleviate pain, see a podiatrist for further treatment.
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