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Benefiting from compression therapy
Millions have discovered the benefits of compression therapy with gradient compression stockings
Helping you get the best results:
-Wear you gradient compression stockings every day.
-Put your hosiery on as soon as possible in the morning. They'll be easier to put on and more comfortable to wear all day.
-Keep your legs and feet warm. This will help promote good circulation
-Keep your skin in good condition with non-oily lotion. Apply at bedtime.
-When traveling for long periords of time, be sure to get up and stretch, walk or move your feet for five minutes every hour.
-Hand or machine wash with warm water, mild soap or detergent (no chlorine). Rinse well. Hang or lay flat to dry; some can be machine dried on a low setting.
-With a few pairs, you can wear one, have one in the laundry and one in the drawer.
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