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Virtually everyone will experience a decline in leg circulation during his or her lifetime.
The leg veins are particularly susceptible to circulatory disorders because they carry large volumes of blood back to the heart against gravity. Return flow is accomplished by a combination of one-directional "cup-like" valves and the skeletal muscle pump.When leg muscles contract, these valves help move the blood up the leg in gradual stagges and prevent unhealthy backward flow. Heredity, pregnancy, obesity, age, disease and injury-plus activities that require prolonged periods of idle standing or sitting-can compromise these vessels, causing unsightly conditions and discomfort.
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Poor circulation in the lower leg is often treated with elastic compression therapy. The goal is to support the venous system, help relieve unsightly symptoms and manage cuncomfortable swelling.
Stockings are designed to provide doctor recommended therapeutic graduated compression. The greatest pressure, or "support", is applied at the ankle and gradually decreases up the leg toward the heart. The massaging effect enables the veins to perform their function more efficiently-circulation improves and relief follows.
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