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As a Diabetic patient you should be cautious when procuring therapeutic shoes and inserts under the Medicare Therapeutic Shoe Bill to insure you are receiving the level of service intended. The evaluation, measuring, casting, and fitting of these devices in a clinical setting is a process that involves considerable personal contact between the practitioner and the patient. This is as it should be. Care is taken by the provider of these devices to insure proper fit and function. Patient education and follow up is done in the office. Adjustments are often needed after initial fitting. The potential complications which can follow improper fitting of these devices can be serious. Modifications and adjustments to the shoes and inserts are sometimes needed. These can only be done by someone with the proper training and equipment.
Medicare's Diabetic Footwear Benefit 
Medicare provides proper footwear and inserts for people with diabetes who qualify under medicare part B.
Each calendar year, medicare will pay 80% of the cost of
1. 1 pair of extra depth shoes specifically approved for the diabetic foot or custom shoes if requested by the treating physician.
2. 3 pairs of heat molded multiple density inserts specifically made for the diabetic foot or custom orthotics prescribed by the treating physician.
Simply ask the doctor that is helping you manage your diabetes to sign and complete the statement of certifying physician form. Submit this form to us by fax or mail.
 Please note:
Medicare has an annual deductible that has to be met every year. The remaining 20% that medicare does not pay, is usually covered by the customer's secondary insurances or will be an out of pocket expertise to the customers.

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