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Most diabetic foot conditons are preventable with the proper footwear and footcare. Diabetics commonly experience neuropathy, poor circulation and a weakened resistance to infection. When the nerves are damaged, there is a lessenend or complete loss of feeling in the foot, and minor injuris such as scrapes, blisters, calluses and pressure sores may go unnoticed. Since poor circulation impairs the healing process and the ability to fight infections, more serious complications can occur if left untreated. Proper footcare can prevent these minor injuries.
Neuropathy (nerve damage)- can lead to sharp pains, burning, or tingling in the feet. It cal also cause numbness or a loss of feeling, which reduces the ability to feel pain or discomfort in the feet. This loss of sensation can lead to the development of ulcers, infection or deformity
Foot Deformities- Bunions, hammertoes and metatarsal disorders increase the risk of developing calluses, corns, and ulcers as the deformed  foot continuously rubs against the shoe.
Charcot Foot- Bones in the foot become fractured and break down, resulting in a change in the shape of the foot. Continued walking on the foot due to loss of feeling causes further damage
1.Inspect your feet daily for blisters, bleeding, sores, cuts, swelling or lesions between toes. Use a mirror to see the bottom of the foot and the heel, or a friend.
2.Wash your feet every day- Wash, but do not soak, the feet in warm water. Completely dry the feet, especially in between the toes. Use talcom powder to keep skin dry.
3. Have a regular foot examination by your diabetic foot care specialist. Consult with a podiatrist about treatment if corns, calluses, or ingrown toenails are present. Patients should never try to remove these on their own. Contact a healthcare provider if a foot wound does not begin to heal within a day
The information contained on the DiabestMedical.com website is provided for your general information only. DiabestMedical.com under no circumstances recommends particular treatment for specific individuals and in all cases recommends that you consult your physician or local treatment center before pursuing any course of treatment.

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