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We offer a wide selection in bedside commodes, including commodes that accommodate over the toilet, drop arm, folding/traveling, extra wide, heavy duty and bariatric needs. All-in-one (3-in-1) bedside commodes, or commonly called commode, can be used to assist a person who has difficulty getting to the bathroom by bringing the toilet into the bedroom. It can also be used over an existing toilet, like a raised toilet seat, which raises the seat height and assists the user in standing. Drop-arm commodes have armrests that drop down out of the way to accommodate transfers in restricted or confined areas. A folding commode increases its portability when traveling. Extra wide, heavy duty and bariatric commodes offer additional strength and comfort with a larger seating area. Additional commodes are purposely designed to appear like an arm chair, discreetly hiding the commode feature and helping avoid embarrassment by the user or visitors.
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Shower/commode chairs, also known as combi-chairs, typically serve three purposes; transporting residents to toilet and shower areas, a commode/raised toilet seat, and a seating surface during showers. The multi-functionality of these chairs can reduce the number of transfers required to perform hygiene tasks. Many styles exist, ranging from basic rigid framed chairs with four casters to battery-operated chairs with powered seat elevation and tilting mechanisms. Some major features to consider include large rear wheels that enable the user to propel the chair independently, removable or swing-away armrests and footrests to ease transfers, tilting seat frames that may decrease caregiver bending and enhance resident comfort, and folding frames to facilitate storage and portability for travel.
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