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Claw Toes

A claw toe is a toe that is contracted and the middle and end joints in the toe. This condition can lead to severe pressure and pain. Ligaments and tendons that have tightened cause the toe's joints to curl downwards. There are two types of: flexible and rigid, in a flexible claw toe, the joint has the ability to move.  In a rigid claw toe movement is very limited and can be extremely painful. This sometimes causes foot movement to become restricted leading to extra stress at the ball-of-the-foot, causing pain and the development of corns and calluses.

Claw toes result from a muscle imbalance which causes the ligaments and tendons to become unnaturally tight. This results in the joints curling downwards. Arthritis can also cause claw toes


To help treat claw toes the type of footwear worn is a very important. When choosing a shoe, make sure the toe box is high and broad, and can accommodate the claw toes. Other treatments include using forefoot products designed to relieve claw toes such as toe crests, and hammer toe splints. These devices help hold down the claw toe and provide relief to the forefoot. Gel toe shields and gel toe caps are also recommended to eliminate friction between the shoe and the toe, while providing comfort and lubrication.

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