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Foot Blisters are small swelling of the skin that contains watery fluid. They are caused by friction. The body responds to the friction by producing fluid. The fluid builds up beneath the part of the skin being rubbed, causing pressure and pain.
Blisters occur when feet get hot, sweaty and socks stick to the feet. The sock and foot then rub against each other and the inside of the shoe. Fluid fills up a space between layers of skin to protect the area, like a small balloon.
People with diabetes may not be able to recognize the painful even due to a condition called neuropathy.
If a blister is red, leaking yellow fluid or has red lines near the blister, visit a doctor immediately. Redness and leaking yellow fluid are symptoms of infection.
What causes foot blisters?
-Heat, moisture and friction
-friction forces caused by inappropriate shoes or socks
-fungal infections of the skin
-allergic reactions or burns
-escessive foot perspiration
How can blisters be prevented?
-wear shoes that fit properly
-keep feet as dry as possible
-avoid wearing wet shoes, boots, socks
-change socks regularly
-use foot powder to keep feet dry.
If the blister has not "popped", leave it alone. Most of the time, the blister will reabsorb and heal on it's own.
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