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Your spine is the main support structure of the entire body and protects your spinal cord. It is made up of twenty-four moveable bones (vertebrae) with cushion-like discs between each that act as shock absorbers. The many ligaments and muscles of the back aid a great number of movements, including bending, leaning and turning your shoulders. Much of your activities cause stress to the lower back, or lumbar region, but lower back pain can also be caused by simply wearing poor supporting shoes. Improper fitting and twisting/bending motions often result in lower back injuries.
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Lumbar Disc Dysfunction- an injury to a disc in the lumbar region (L1-L5). This can result in pain, decreased range of motion, lumbar instability and loss of normal back function.
Lumbar Instability- described as excessive mobility of the lumbar spine due to ligament and/or muscle weakenss. This results in pain and can also lead to possible disc dysfunction.
Lumbar Spine Sprain- occurs when the muscles or ligaments of the back are stretched or torn, resulting in pain and possible loss of function. This is a common debilitating injury and can be mild, moderate or severe.
Lumbar Strain- an inflammation of the tendons that connect the muscles to the bones. Strains typically occur from repetitive or overuse and may cause tenderness, pain or mild swelling.
Sacral Contusion- the result of a direct blow to the sacrum, causing pain and swelling and/or changing the position of the sacrum. The sacrum is located below the last lumbar segment of the spine and is five segments of the spine fused together to make one solid bone.
Sacroiliac Sprian/Strain- an injury to the sacroiliac joint (between the sacrum and the upper part of the hip bone), causing pain, injury and/or misalignment of the muscles and ligaments.
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